Huzzah ! You have found Maya's No Frills page ! I used to do all these fancy things with pictures and what not, but really, it's just a pain to update when you've got very little spare time. Anyway, this is pretty effective and easy to navigate. And it's green !

Now that you're here, there are a few options from which you may choose (click around, kill some time):


Maya's Weblog, Meanderings

Meandotherthings, not quite the real thing

Maya's Portfolio (sorely out of date)

I took the challenge and failed. Maybe next year.

Maya's other site, currently hosting Ray McGirl's page, for which I will find a new use at some point.

Wait, just who is this Maya person?

Go see Maya's Elfwood site ! (Fantasy art, with links to her sci-fi work, stories, and fan art.) Since the updating is done by the kind people of Elfwood, rather than me, I have many pieces not seen on my portfolio site. Also, check me out at Deviant Art because it hosts all sorts of stuff like my photography !


Some links to sites I like to visit, but may not have visited recently.

Some lists on which you can waste your time that won't help you with anything.

In loving memory of Willi
(aka. Stinky Bee)
who died April 23, 2005.
You are forever my Little Bee


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